Platinum 2 Piece

For when life just clicks

The New Platinum 2 Piece

We know that 2 Piece users are looking for a bag that is secure, flexible, comfortable and quick and easy to change. That’s why we have developed the new Platinum 2 Piece.

From our user research and development we have produced a 2 Piece bag that has distinct features to support these needs.

Pop it

Pop it

Pop up back plate for added finger space, for quick and easy bag attachment, without putting pressure on the stomach.

Purple guide ring for easier location of where to attach the bag.

Click it

Pop it

Audible click so you know the bag is securely attached.

Peel it

Pop it

Unique peel down action for greater control.

Added Security

Secure coupling, sealed with an audible ‘CLICK’ giving complete confidence that the pouch is secure.

Greater Speed & Ease

Pop-up flange relieves downward pressure on the abdomen and allows for a much quicker and easier pouch change.

Flexibility and Comfort

6-fluted flange adapts to any body shape and is particularly useful over hernias.

Who is Platinum 2 Piece suitable for?

The unique and distinct features of the Platinum 2 Piece supports all types of lifestyles and user needs.

Whether you have an active lifestyle, a busy job or enjoy sports, are pregnant or looking after children; are a carer or being cared for, have poor dexterity or vision; generally have poor health or want to reduce the number of bag changes and the skin stripping this can cause.

Platinum 2 Piece gives greater Security, Flexibility, Comfort and quicker bag changes.

“The baseplate is more flexible during my work as a gardener. I bend and stretch a lot and the product feels nice and does not fold.”

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Platinum 2 Piece Range

60mm Closed


60mm Drainable


80mm Drainable & Closed


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